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Biomass Training Course

Learn how to specify and install biomass heating systems with the UK’s leading specialist renewable energy training provider. 

This 3-day training course is designed for experienced heating installers who want to develop their skill set and services to include the installation and maintenance of woody biomass heating systems. 

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£660.00 exc. VAT

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3 days


LCL Awards

Biomass Course Information

This Level 3 Biomass Installer course is designed deliver the knowledge, skills and competency required to specify, install and maintain the most common types of biomass systems in the UK. 

During the course, you will receive practical training, including work on:

  • Purpose-built biomass rigs; and 
  • Live equipment within a fully functioning plant room.

You will also cover theory relating to health & safety, industry regulations and best-practice.

At the end of the three-days, you will undertake a practical, observed assignment and multiple-choice, open-book theory assessment.

Successful candidates will receive a Level 3 LCL Awards certificate, which is recognised by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).


To enrol in this Level 3 Biomass Installer course, you must hold:

If you don't hold the above pre-requisites, please contact the office on 01969 666111 to determine if you have relevant qualifications for this course, if the candidate has relevant prior experience we may be able to progress with a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) - this will be charged at £70 + VAT per candidate.
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The course consists of 3 days in-centre training. 

Successful candidates will receive their LCL Awards certificate approximately four to six weeks following completion of the course.

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The objective of this qualification is for learners to demonstrate they are competent in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of wood pellet burning appliance in accordance with legislation regulations and industry standards. 

The following areas are covered as well as many others:

  • Confirming suitability of chimneys and flue systems.
  • Commissioning of wood pellet burning appliances.
  • Servicing and maintenance of wood pellet burning appliances.
  • Operating principles.
  • Combustion process and the principles of safe combustion.
  • Ventilation requirements.
  • Diagnosing and rectifying faults.
  • Legislation and standards.
  • Ventilation requirements.
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Wood-fuelled biomass is a versatile renewable heating technology suitable for a wide range of sectors, including residential developments and district heating, public buildings such as schools, and manufacturing facilities. The ability to source fuel from waste wood materials provides potential for the ‘circular economy’ while producing fewer carbon emissions. Biomass is one of the technologies funded by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

A biomass boiler is a heating system that uses organic materials, typically wood pellets, wood chips, or agricultural residues, as fuel to produce heat for buildings or industrial processes. 

Biomass energy primarily comes from organic materials such as wood, crop residues, animal waste and dedicated energy crops. When burned or processed, this energy can be harnessed for electricity generation, heating or other energy needs.

Yes, biomass is considered renewable because it is derived from living or recently living organisms and as long as these organic materials are managed sustainably, they can be continually replenished. However, sustainable management practices are essential to ensure the long-term viability of biomass as a renewable energy source.

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