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GTEC Isle of Man

Located in the heart of the Isle of Man, GTEC's newest training centre is dedicated to advancing skills in renewable energy and sustainable technologies. Starting with a focus on Solar PV & Battery Storage courses, our Isle of Man centre is set to establish itself as a prominent hub in the field of green energy training.

Solar PV Course 

Dive into the world of solar energy with our comprehensive Solar Photovoltaic training. This course is designed for electricians and electrical engineers, providing the skills to specify, install and maintain solar PV systems.

£900 + VAT

Battery Storage Course

Our course provides knowledge and hands-on experience in the installation and management of battery storage systems, an ideal complement to solar PV training.

£700 + VAT

Book both Courses and save over £100! 

Combined Price £1495 + VAT! 

Vocational Training Assistance Scheme 

Boost your career with the Isle of Man's Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS). Supported by the Department of Education, Sport, and Culture, VTAS offers financial aid for both individuals and businesses pursuing vocational training. Enhance skills, productivity, and economic benefits across the Isle. Apply in advance and elevate your professional potential.

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Comis Hotel, Mount Murray Back Rd