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OFTEC 101, 105E, 600A - Combined Training Course

Update your OFTEC qualifications or become OFTEC registered for the first time.

Our combined oil boiler maintenance course covers the three main OFTEC certificates in one training package – OFT10-101, OFT10-105E and OFT10-600A.

Delivered over 3 or 4 days depending on requirements, this package is ideal for practicing oil technicians who want to renew existing OFTEC qualifications, or installers with experience in a related trade who want to expand their services.

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£765.00 exc. VAT

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Course duration

4 days


LCL Awards

Course information

This oil boiler maintenance course combines the following OFTEC certificates, with options for technicians who are renewing existing qualifications (category 1) and those who are applying to OFTEC for the first time (category 2):

During the course, you will receive practical training, including work on:

  • Purpose-built oil heating rigs; and 
  • Live equipment within a fully functioning plant room.

You will also cover theory relating to health & safety, industry regulations and best-practice.

At the end of your training, you will be assessed by a multiple-choice paper, short written response and scenario questions and observed practical assessment.

On completion of this course, you will receive an LCL Awards certificate, which is recognised by OFTEC.


You will require the following books:

  • OFTEC Technical Manuals (Manuals 1,2,3 and 4). 
  • OFTEC Heating Design Guide. 

We can supply you with copies at cost price (£45 each or £180 for the set and £30 for the Heating Design Guide). Please order well in advance of your course by calling our training department on 01969 666111.

Training, assessment, certification and additional course materials are included. 

3-day category 1 course: 

This course is for oil technicians who want to renew existing OFTEC qualifications. You will need to provide copies of your certificates. 

4-day category 2 course:

This course is for technicians who have related skills, knowledge and experience but are new to OFTEC. You will need to provide nationally recognised qualifications or evidence of relevant experience in the plumbing, gas or heating & ventilation industry. 

New entrants - category 3:

If you are a new entrant to the industry with no prior experience or skills (category3), you are advised to take the OFT50 oil fired introductory course.

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The course consists of 3 or 4 days in-centre training. 

Successful candidates will receive their LCL Awards certificate approximately four to six weeks following completion of the course.

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The course covers the following units from OFT10-101, OFT10-105E and OFT10-600A:

OFT10-101 is required for any operative wishing to carry out work on domestic pressure jet appliances and covers:

  • Codes of practice.
  • Safe electrical isolation.
  • Practical boiler commissioning.
  • Burner servicing.
  • Identifying installation faults.
  • Identifying and rectifying boiler/burner faults.
  • Combustion analysis.
  • Combustion theory.
  • Ventilation requirements.

In addition, the operative must hold the relevant tank installation and installation elements applicable to the work they wish to undertake as listed below.

OFT10-105E covers domestic oil firing system installation and energy conservation measures in buildings, including:

  • Codes of practice.
  • Heating installation designs.
  • Identifying system layouts.
  • Ventilation and flues.
  • Pipework calculations.
  • Energy conservation measures.
  • Disconnecting boilers.

OFT10-600A looks at domestic & non-domestic oil storage and supply installation, in particular:

  • Codes of practice.
  • Fuel identification.
  • Tank installations.
  • Tank designs.
  • Safe electrical isolation.
  • British Standards.
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To become OFTEC registered, individuals need to demonstrate competency in oil-fired appliance installation and servicing, which can be achieved through the completion of relevant training. Our oil courses are recognised by OFTEC. 

There are also other requirements to become OFTEC registered, such as having the correct public liability insurance and health & safety policies. Registration requires that both the business and its technicians are registered.

OFTEC registration is not always a legal requirement, but it is highly recommended and often required by insurance companies and regulatory authorities. 

Being OFTEC registered demonstrates a technician's competence in working with oil-fired appliances and ensures compliance with safety standards.

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