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Bespoke Training

If your business has specific training requirements, we can develop bespoke courses to meet your needs. Factors might be:

  • Company size – i.e. a large number of installers requiring training at one time.
  • Technology or application specifics.
  • Incorporation of company procedures.
  • On-site delivery. 

On-site training can be tailored to suit organisational and/or specific product objectives. We work closely with our clients to provide personalised training working with your own equipment, or bringing our specialist training rigs to you.

Upskilling staff on location can save time and prove more cost-effective, while ensuring relevant practical experience.

We have helped some of the UK’s leading merchants develop training provisions for their customers, including City Plumbing, City Electrical Factors and Oldfields Electrical, as well as creating bespoke courses for large installation companies, energy providers and product manufacturers.