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SolarEdge Installer Training

SolarEdge Scholar:

The first of the 1-day courses, designed to introduce candidates to SolarEdge and their tools, topics include: 

  • Who are SolarEdge? 
  • 7.5 Steps to Install SolarEdge 
  • Installer Benefits 
  • Practical hand on experience with SolarEdge equipment 
  • SolarEdge Designer 
  • SolarEdge Monitoring 
  • Installation Processes
  • Stringing Techniques 

... and much more! 

SolarEdge Expert:

The second of the 1-day courses, designed to deep-dive into more complex setups and give you true expert knowledge of SolarEdge:  

  • Sites with Multiple Inverters 
  • SolarEdge Home Battery 
  • Home Backup 
  • Smart Energy Management 
  • Local Controller 
  • Practical hands on experience with SolarEdge Equipment
  • EV Chargers (AC vs. DC) 
  • SolarEdge Home Maintenance 

…. and much more! 

Why become a SolarEdge installer?

GTEC has partnered with industry-leading photovoltaic smart energy solutions provider, SolarEdge, to develop specialist training courses for new and existing solar PV installers. Combining GTEC's expert knowledge and state-of-the-art practical facilities with training material and e-learning from SolarEdge's 'Edge Academy' platform

SolarEdge installers benefit from the easy-to-use integrated software suite, the longest warranties in the industry, online support and training, and access to tools and products from one trusted source.

SolarEdge Installer