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UK Government Seeks Input on Heat Pump and EV Planning Rules

Authored by Marco on February 19, 2024

Have your say on making planning rules around heat pumps and electric vehicles easier

The government has opened its consultation on changes to Permitted Development Rights, which includes the suggested removal of red tape around heat pumps and electric vehicle charge points

Consultation Open for Heat Pump Regulations

Open until 9th April, the consultation covers the following areas in relation to heat pumps:

  1. Removing the rule that an air source heat pump (ASHP) cannot be installed within one metre of a property boundary without planning permission.
  2. Increasing the maximum permissible size of an air source heat pump under permitted development from 0.6 cubic metres.
  3. Subject to the creation of a methodology to assess noise emissions from multiple heat pumps, permitting two air source heat pumps within the curtilage of a dwelling under permitted development.
  4. Allowing the installation of more than one unit in stand-alone blocks of flats, subject to prior approval.
  5. Amendments to Class G of Part 14, particularly the clause “the air source heat pump is used solely for heating purposes” to allow air-to-air heat pumps to benefit from the same permitted development rights as air-to-water heat pumps.

If these changes come to pass, it will open up the option of a heat pump to a broader range of properties. The first point in particular has caused a stumbling block in built-up areas where the potential for the highest volume of heat pumps lies. 

Simplifying Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

For electric vehicles, it has been proposed that the installation of electrical outlets and upstands for recharging electric vehicles comes under Permitted Development. Another move that GTEC wholeheartedly supports in order to make it easier for people to charge their cars at home.

Broader Building Regulations Under Review

Other proposals more generally related to building, include:

  • Changes to certain permitted development rights which enable householders to improve and enlarge their homes.
  • Changes to the building upwards permitted development rights which enable the upward extension of a range of existing buildings.
  • Changes to the permitted development right which allows for the demolition of certain buildings and rebuild as homes.

Find out more and have your say, here: Changes to various permitted development rights: consultation - GOV.UK 



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