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Survey reveals growing demand for Renewables

Authored by Sam on November 13, 2023

A survey undertaken by GTEC partner, City Plumbing, paints a positive picture of the renewables sector with excellent opportunities for installers to transition their businesses into new technologies.

Results revealed that 71% of homeowners are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional energy sources and many are considering installing small-scale renewables at their property:

Homeowners can see the value of battery storage when combined with heat pumps and solar panels. The potential to significantly reduce energy costs is a key driver for 54%, while building self-sufficiency was important 64% of people, rising to 80% among younger demographics. This suggests a market that will continue to grow in the coming decades as the next generation become homeowners. 

Griff Thomas, GTEC’s MD and renewables expert, said: 

“This survey shows strong consumer support for solar panels, a technology that around a decade ago was benefitting from significant government funding, much like heat pumps are today under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Today we see a significant shift in public perception with demand outstripping supply at times. 

“Installers should look to the past and plan for the future – the more heat pumps that are installed, the more manufacturing costs will come down and demand will rise – we’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again. It’s a great time to be training in the technologies that are going to protect consumers from rising energy costs and accelerate our journey to net zero.”


Key statistics
Heat pumps:
  • More than a quarter have considered installing a heat pump in their home.
  • 39% are familiar with heat pump technology.
Battery storage:
  • Self-sufficiency is important to 64% of people when it comes to energy storage in their homes. 
  • That figure rose to 71% of those aged 25-34 and 80% of 18–24-year-olds. 
  • 19% say self-sufficiency is really important. 
  • Two-thirds of homeowners plan to invest in solar panels.
  • 75% believe solar panels are a reliable source of energy.
  • On average, people expect to install solar panels within the next 5 years and 5 months. 


Top drivers for solar PV installation: 
  • 56% - Reducing energy bills (rising to 67% for those aged 35-44)
  • 32% - Government subsidies 
  • 27% - Generating my own energy 
  • 24% - Reducing carbon footprint
Top barriers to Solar PV installation:
  • 70% - high upfront costs
  • 24% - Reliability and maintenance 
  • 23% - Lack of knowledge about solar panels 
  • 18% - Limited space


Take your place in the renewable revolution!

Installers can access GTEC courses in heat pumps, solar PV, EV charging and battery storage from City Plumbing’s Energy Efficiency Centre in Farnborough

We are the UK’s leading provider of renewable energy training courses. 

View our renewable training courses or get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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