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Solar PV Optimisation and Energy Efficiency: Insights from GTEC on eFIXX TV

Authored by Marco on November 22, 2023

Demonstrating solar PV upgrades at GTEC

GTEC’s MD, Griff Thomas was recently featured in an eFIXX YouTube video, which aired on November 1st, 2023. The video highlights a major revamp of a 12-year-old solar panel system at our North Yorkshire training centre.

Upgrading Solar Installations: Beyond Basic Improvements

Griff and the eFixx team undertook a significant overhaul of an older solar system. This project involved adding optimisers, reducing string numbers, incorporating hybrid inverters and integrating substantial battery storage of 27.6 kilowatt-hours.

This dual-system setup enhances energy efficiency and serves as a model for sustainable energy practices.

Improve self-consumption and future-proof solar PV

Griff outlined the rationale behind the upgrade: to boost battery storage and facilitate detailed monitoring of module performance in order to anticipate shifts in energy policy, while aiming to increase self-consumption. GTEC's proactive approach prepares for potential changes like metered energy exports.

Handling Feed-in Tariff Complexities

A key challenge in this project was ensuring the new system works seamlessly with existing feed-in tariffs. Griff highlights the importance of precise system design to accurately represent energy storage and generation.

Identifying and Fixing Inefficiencies

During the upgrade,  Griff identified some underperforming modules, leading to a critical reassessment of the system's performance. This underscores the value of thorough system monitoring and the importance of positioning modules for easier future replacement.

Achieving High Self-Consumption Rates

Post-upgrade, the system achieved an average of 82% self-consumption, significantly cutting grid reliance and leading to notable energy cost savings. The data gathered from this project will inform future solar energy endeavours and offer insights for updating older systems.

Enhance Your Skills with GTEC's Renewable Energy Training

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Thanks to eFixx TV!

Big thanks to eFIXX for hosting this informative session and for their continuous role in educating the electrical community. Their platform is crucial for bringing experts like Griff to the limelight, sharing key insights and promoting innovation in renewable energy.



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