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HITSS Launched! Get up to 70% off Heat Pump Training

Authored by Marco on January 12, 2023


HITSS launched! Get up to 70% off heat pump training 


We have launched a new training initiative, providing heating installers with up to 70% off the training and associated qualifications required to become a heat pump engineer. The Heat pump Installer Training & Support Scheme (HITSS) delivers a complete package of support designed to make the process of becoming a heat pump installer as easy as possible.

Funded by the department of Building Energy & Industry Systems (BEIS) and managed by GTEC, HITSS funding covers heat pump qualifications, plus any other courses required – such as energy efficiency, hot water systems, water regulations and low temperature water system design.

All training must be completed by 31 March 2023, offering a valuable window of opportunity for heating businesses to upskill in this promising low-carbon technology at a greatly reduced price.


Vouchers will be taken up very quickly so interested parties must apply as soon as possible.


Successful candidates will be fully qualified in heat pump system design and installation, ready to seize business opportunities presented by the heat pump sector, which is experiencing rapid growth thanks to government incentives, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). Suitably trained installers are in demand, an essential part of BUS’ target of 600,000 heat pump installs a year by 2028.

Training can be completed at GTEC centres throughout the UK as well as a number of supporting providers.


Heat pump opportunities


By 2050, an estimated 19 million homes will be connected to heat pump technology; there is a long way to go but the pathway has been firmly set. Skilled heat pump installers are urgently required to deliver quality low-carbon heating systems that stand the test of time.

Griff Thomas, MD of GTEC said: “Following the success of the RHITSS last year, we were delighted to win another £1million of funding from BEIS, this time focussing solely on upskilling installers to heat pumps – a versatile technology that works well in most homes.

“The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which is underway now, provides an immediate route to market for qualified heat pump installers. It is just one of the mechanisms put in place by the government to stimulate the heat pump sector, secure the supply chain and drive down costs over the next 10 years. 

“Air source heat pumps will also meet a large proportion of heating demand in new builds from 2025, when planned updates to the Building Regulations will effectively prohibit the use of gas boilers. Upskilling into heat pump system design and installation will future-proof building services installers’ careers and put them in the best possible position to take advantage of growth in the low-carbon sector.”


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