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Heating & Plumbing engineers, join the Heat Pump

Authored by Sam on May 26, 2021

There's a genuine demand for a significant increase in the numbers of qualified heat pump engineers if we are to meet the government's pledge to reduce our CO2 emissions. 

A recent report from the Heat Pump Association (HPA) quotes figures from the Committee on Climate Change, which estimates that 19 million heat pumps will need to be installed in the UK by 2050 if we're to reach Net Zero. 

Currently , the industry installs around 30,000 heat pumps a year and the target is 600,000 a year - a staggering twenty-fold increase. Cleary the scale of change must be recognised with the urgency if we are to drive down carbon emissions and meet our emissions targets. 

The building services training sector is working hard to fill the demand, providing bolt-on qualifications to up-skill qualified plumbing and heating engineers with the knowledge and experience they need to embrace renewable energy technologies. 


How to become a Heat Pump Installer? 

For those with NVQ Level 2 or 3 Qualifications in Plumbing, Heating, Gas or Oil, a short bolt-on qualification in Heat Pump installation is the basis. There's also a requirement for additional certificate in Water Regulations (WRAS). 

On passing the relevant assessments, the candidate is the able to register with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and begin working in the installation and maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps. 


GTEC's Air Source Heat Pump Course. 

We are proud to deliver LCL Awards Air Source Heat Pump Installation courses, which is a level 3 qualification. The training provides learners with the detailed theory and practical knowledge they need to apply the relevant regulations and guidance when involved in the renewables industry. 

At the training centre we have a fully functioning Air Source Heat Pump rig and a working plant room, so that learners can practice the skills they will need to pass the practical part of the assessment. There is also an online exam. 

If you are interested in adding more skills to your portfolio or diversifying so that you can help the UK meets its commitments to greener energy, please get in touch. We'd be delighted to talk through the options of you. 

We also offer qualifications for those interested in the installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps 


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