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Griff Thomas Urges Prime Minister to Stay Committed to Net Zero Amid Climate Policy Review

Authored by Marco on September 20, 2023

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Following Rishi Sunak’s announcement last night that he is reviewing measures to roll-back some of the UK’s key climate policy, Griff Thomas, GTEC’s MD and a leading expert in the renewable energy training industry, urges the Prime Minister to “hold his nerve when it comes to Net Zero.”

Griff said: “I am saddened to hear that the Prime Minister is considering watering down the UK’s road to Net Zero, a road that is paved with a greener future and a buoyant economy. I implore Rishi Sunak, who also happens to be my local MP – a visitor to GTEC’s Hawes HQ - to stick with the plan, rather than risk the livelihoods of the many businesses that have now invested millions in supporting our low carbon ambitions. Dithering will upset investors, knock confidence and feed into the hands of the conspiratorial climate change deniers. 

“You may think that this is what voters want, but I, and many of your MPs, don’t believe that is true. As our Prime Minister, you should be supporting plans that give us what we need – an end to fossil fuels that not only leads to a reduced carbon footprint, but also assists with energy security, and further reduces our reliance on unstable oil and gas rich nations which do not share our values. We have an opportunity to power ourselves, with policies that lead the world forward when it comes to countering climate change.

“Your own party has expressed a deep unease at the move. Who are you trying to please? The gas and boiler companies, the petrol and diesel car manufacturers? They have had plenty of time to diversify and under current plans, there will still be many years of these products. We are already far behind many European countries when it comes to alternative heat sources such as heat pumps, why put us back even further?

“We are struggling through a period of rising prices and economic uncertainty, back-tracking on Net Zero will only exacerbate the struggle. Ultimately, your voters will pay the price for this, surely this is not what’s best for Britain or the Conservative Party’ popularity?”