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Griff Thomas discusses battery storage

Authored by Jonny on May 10, 2024

Join our MD, Griff Thomas, for a webinar discussing battery storage and the challenges of meeting the regulations of the UK’s stringent Electrical Energy Storage System (EESS) sector.

Hosted by Voltimum, ‘Battery Island Mode, we are all at sea’ will take place on the 13th May at 4pm. The webinar is free to attend.

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During the webinar, EESS expert, Griff, will provide an overview of the battery storage market, including recent trends and growth. Crucially, he will explain islanding mode, where an electrical system normally connected to the grid is operating in a mode where some or all of the installation is isolated, so operating solely from an EESS. Islanding mode provides back-up during power cuts and is an essential part of an EESS.

The webinar will provide information of the regulatory framework battery storage, including:

  • Electricity Safety, Quality, and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) 2002, Regulation 21
  • BS7671 standards and their implications for battery storage systems
  • EN60947 standards for manual changeover switches

And the challenges of grid isolation and compliance, plus anticipated changes from Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) or Distribution System Operators (DSOs).


Why should you attend this webinar?

Enhanced Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical and regulatory landscape governing battery storage systems in the UK.

Regulatory Compliance: Learn about essential regulations and standards to ensure compliance and operational safety of battery storage installations.

Future Preparedness: Discover anticipated regulatory changes and how to prepare for future compliance and system design requirements.

Safety Assurance: Understand the importance of proper system isolation to ensure the safety of both the public and network workers during grid outages.

Strategic Insight: Equip yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions in designing, installing, and operating battery storage systems that are both efficient and compliant.

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