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Get Trained During Furlough!

Authored by Sam on November 5, 2020

Are your or your staff furloughed? Great News - You Can Still Train! 


Following the advice from Gov.UK, during this Novembers lockdown contractors and installers can still train whilst on furlough - and you could be using this time to upskill or to update your certifications! 


According to the advice, furloughed employees can engage in training during the hours which they are recorded being on fulough, as long as no service is provided, or revenue generated for the organisation they work for. 

This would be a great opportunity to get up to speed if you are thinking of registering either yourself or your organisation for the Green Home Grant Scheme! 


Whilst undertaking this training, contractors are entitled to be paid at least the appropriate national minimum wage, for the time spent training, and in most cases the furlough payment of 80% of their regular wage (up to the value of £2,500) will cover any hours spent training. 

We have several courses running at the GTEC Centre this November, for upskilling, updating your certification or to help you get certified and you can find them by clicking this link: 


Renewable Training Courses 


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